Anya Bridges

Company: Bob's Business Ltd

Position: Cyber Security Apprentice


Cyber Security Awareness Training, Phishing Simulations, Compliance


I’m a cyber security technician currently studying my level 3 apprenticeship. I am constantly challenging myself to gain more knowledge on, both, the human side of cyber, understanding our vulnerability's as people, but also the technical side of things.

I consider myself to be a responsible, confident person who has a passion to work and meet new people, I am very sociable and find it easy to speak to colleges. With skills that able me to work efficiently in a hectic and quick paced environment. I am a polite and hospitable young woman who endeavours to achieve the highest possible standard in and outside of the workplace. Successful at organising and prioritising tasks. I have a huge passion and drive for cyber security and wish to pursue my career and myself as far as possible, while taking care and attention to everything I do.

Currently working at Bob's Business helping send out thousands of phishing emails a month globally and helping companies big and small understand their cyber culture.

I also volunteer with the Yorkshire Cyber Security Cluster as a tech admin, helping the behind the scenes of our monthly webinars and meets, and many projects flowing smoothly while expanding my knowledge and network at the same time.

Another passion of mine is filling the skills gap that we have in the cyber security industry especially in Yorkshire, I find that a young women going into cyber often comes with a shocked expression, I think that should change. I became a STEM ambassador in 2021, enabling me to work with young people and hopefully inspire the next generation of tech wizzes, I think having someone who only left school themselves two years ago talking to them hopefully can be more relatable and they can see where they could be in such a short period of time.

And….In my spare time I enjoy swimming in the early mornings, hitting the gym and a good book. I find that I am typically sat down for most of the day staring at a monitor, so jumping in a pool at 6:30 in the morning sets me up for a productive morning and a good read always helps me wind down after a stressful day


Cyber Security Risk Apprentice

Bob's Business  - Full-time

Sep 2020 - Present


Tech Administrator

Yorkshire Cyber Security Cluster - Volenteer

Oct 2020 - Present


STEM Ambassadors - Volenteer

Dec 2021 - Present