Meeting Notes 20/3/2018

Event title: GDPR Technical Workshop
Location: Digital Exchange Bradford
Date: 20th March 2018
Time: 1pm-3pm
We would like to thank the Digital Exchange in Bradford for providing spacious and sufficient facilities for the 2nd YCSC meeting of 2018. We hope all attendees found the GDPR Workshop useful, it was great to see so many new and familiar faces at the event.
GDPR is now an extremely hot topic, with its implementation now less than 3 months away. With this in mind, our GDPR Technical Workshop was the perfect opportunity for individuals to gain a better understanding of what they must be doing now to ensure that they are complying with the new law on the 25th May 2018.
With upwards of 18 attendees for the GDPR Workshop, we would once again like to thank Laura Dempsey from Terabyte IT and Sarah Clarke of Infospectives for providing the audience with two great presentations, discussing the different aspects of the GDPR and the effects it will have on organisations.
A big thank you to Digital Catapult/CRK Consulting and the University of Bradford for organising the event.
Meeting Notes:
Meeting started at 1pm

  • Laura Dempsey, Managing Director of Ltd, kicked proceedings off, giving all attendees the opportunity to introduce themselves with a 30-second pitch.
  • Laura then provided the audience with an insight into the GDPR, taking the audience through the 12 ICO compliances of GDPR which include:
  • -Awareness
    – Individual rights
    – Subject/access requests
    – Data protection officers
    – Consent
    – Children
    – Data Breaches
    – International
    – Legal basis for processing personal data
    – Communicating privacy information
    – Information you hold
    – Data protection by design

It is vital to use this checklist and other Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) resources to work out the main differences between the current law and the new GDPR.
Laura then highlighted the personal data categories, explaining where data can be held safely, before summarising her presentation with a guide on the countries that will be affected by the new GDPR.

  • A mid-session interval then provided attendees with 20 minutes of networking.


  • Linked in closely with Laura’s presentation, Sarah Clarke then provided the audience with further information on the GDPR, going through where to start and what is enough for the new regulation. Sarah highlighted the risks, lawful basis, Data Protection Impact Assessment and encryption aspects of GDPR, before providing the audience with some insightful ALGORITHMS;

‘Being afraid is NOT the same as being at risk’
‘Being at risk is NOT the same as being at immediate or intolerable risk’
To conclude her talk, Sarah gave some key pointers to take away from the session, indicating that GDPR will never be 100% but you have to defend your pragmatism and that you should always show your workings out, and if in doubt you should do a DPIA (Data Protection impact Assesment).

  • To conclude the meeting, a quick Q&A session was provided, giving attendees the opportunity to ask any further queries or questions they had about the GDPR.

Meeting closed at 3pm
Our next YCSC meeting is taking place on the 16th May, to be held at the Digital Media Centre in Barnsley. The subject focus will be IOT (Internet of Things), where there will be a technical workshop, providing attendees with a hands on opportunity to learn about the ever increasing threats now associated with the Internet of Things.
Further details of the event will be provided in due course.

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