Meeting Notes 17/01/18

YCSC: The Next Generation of Professionals
Date & Time: 17.01.18 13:00 – 15:30
Location: DMC, Barnsley
Meeting Start time: 13.00
A big thank you to Barnsley DMC for hosting the first YCSC event of 2018, providing exceptional spacious facilities.

  • Melanie Oldham, Chair of the YCSC and CEO of Bob’s Business Ltd,  introduced the event, providing a brief insight into the YCSC and its core goals and objectives.


  • Around the room introductions – lots of familiar and new faces. There was a total of 31 attendees at the event.


  •  Janine Hamilton from the  University of Bradford gave us a brief introduction to the Cyber Resilience programme and exploring ways to work with SME’s.


  • Steve Williams from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport then offered an insight into the government’s plans in supporting the growth of the cyber security sector. He discussed what the government already had in place and what we can expect to see happening in 2018 and how they are already planning the development of a 3rd Cohort.


  • 20 minutes of networking for the attendees.


  • Kathy McKay of IdeasInc, highlighted the issues surrounding the skill shortage in cybersecurity, in particular, the younger generation. Kathy highlighted suggestions into making cybersecurity more accessible for students and how building a Northern Cyber Security Talent Pool would provide benefits for both students and businesses.


  • Melanie Oldham then concluded the event, taking questions from the audience, before providing details of the next YCSC event in March.

Meeting finished at 15.10
Next Meeting Details:
Topic: GDPR and GDPR Technical Workshop
Date & Time: 20.03.18 13:00 – 15:00
Location: University of Bradford
Steve Williams – YCSC, 17.01.18 (2)– Steve Williams Presentation Slides

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