Meeting Notes 18/01/2017

18/01/2017 – YCSC Meeting Overview
Thank you to Sheffield Hallam University for hosting our last meeting, very kindly organised by one of the guest speakers Shahrzad Zargari.  Bob Drake opened the presentations with an insight into the ever evolving apprenticeship schemes available via Sheffield Hallam University.  Opportunities for our next generation of cyber experts to work and gain valuable real life experience, whilst studying for a degree while earning a living.
Stuart Hyde (AQL sponsored ambassador for Cybersecurity information Sharing Partnership (CiSP), for Yorkshire at AQL telecommunications) followed by giving an overview of CISP and its aim of providing a means of exchanging cyber threat information in real time and increasing awareness I order to reduce the impact of cyber threat on UK businesses.
Last, but not least, Shahrzad Zargari gave a very thought provoking discussion about the forensics of cyber-attacks, the tools that are used and the opportunities for studying at Sheffield Hallam University.  The University are keen to work with local SME’s to provide placements for their students to gain relief experience and hands on training.  The cluster attendees embraced the potential this could bring to both parties, and very positive discussions took place during and after the meeting to try and bring together businesses and academia to work collaboratively.  Further discussions away from the cluster meetings to be arranged…watch this space for more news on this subject.

  • Thanks to Caroline for the notes

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