Brexit GDPR Workshop Roundup

Chaired by Daniel Prince – Lancaster University
On the 5th of October the YCSC had a place at the Brexit Workshop in Manchester, this round table event looked for insight into how ‘Brexit’ will change the world of cyber and focussed on the GDPR regulations.
Some great points were raised from all walks of industry and it was brilliant to hear such positive insights into the how the change will effect us all. Some companies were expecting problems in recruiting staff from overseas, some were eagerly and optimisticaly awaiting the change but the overall opinion was that many were just confused, struggling to find definitive answers on what changes would effect them.
Some good came from the event and hopefully the key points were captured below:
What does Brexit mean for you, not just cyber
Changes to staffing, rules regarding data protection, will we still be able to trade with the world, would the pound still be worth anything…
It was noted that many changes to the cyber security businesses present weren’t actually directly related to ‘the cyber’ at all. Many were overall business related fears and concerns.
New Cyber Security agenda published in the next few weeks, broader digital strategy, with a industrial strategy released in the spring.
People wanted answers, in a way these were promised in a new cyber security agenda that was to be published in the spring. Businesses were happy to deal with change – if only they new exactly what changing!
How will GDPR and Brexit influence recruitment and staffing.
The overall consensus was that UK companies should focus on UK talent. Whilst this does almost sound a little BNP/EDL there was also a lot of positive to be placed on this decision. Companies will need to focus on UK Talent to avoid some of the complications and sanctions placed upon them by relying on the overseas market.
A senior NCC spokesman stated that they want European talent, they want the best talent from around the world – regardless of nationality! but the changes would make that hard. NCC stated working with europeans isn’t always not always cheaper either, it just so happens many talented desirable security professionals reside in Europe and they were keen to point out that they are also investing in a UK based academy to promote UK talent.
Ewan Adire, a recruitment consultant said people with 3-7 years experience in all things cyber were the hardest to recruit. “There is almost a shortage of people with this level of experience”
A vibe that was decidedly British was also quite evident in the room. We are British!, we have lived through depressions, wars, famine, the highlights of the latest x-factor competition and Thatcher.  Nothing, including the opinions of the Government would stop us from doing what we thought was the right thing to do. Many welcome the GDPR regulations and expect the information security agenda to be pushed to the forefront of every UK business. Surely a good thing for the resilient businesses in the room. Many predicted growth and positive changes to come from this, if maybe only after we hear some solid answers and timeframes from our elected leaders.

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